Written by Caleb K. 

Hello again, it’s time to see what’s going on in the month of April for Teen Events! Make sure to register for these events as spaces are limited!

Our events start on Wednesday April 5th at 4pm to 5pm with Teen Craft: Upcycled Art! Celebrate Earth Month by using recycled materials to create unique works of art! We’ll be meeting in Meeting Room 1 on the lower level.

Friday April 7th at 4pm to 5:30pm we’ll be once again hosting Fortnite! Get a Dub by being the last one standing while making new friends! We’re bringing cross-platform play to the Library’s lower level meeting room where you can join in person or even on Zoom and may your aim be true! Keep in mind, Zoom information will be emailed prior to the gaming event.

Friday April 14th at 4pm we’ll be hosting D & D. For those who’ve been joining us and attended the session on March 3rd, at 4pm to 6pm on Friday April 14th we’ll be continuing Teen D&D Adventuring Club! Will our brave adventurers keep helping the Wizard Shinebright and defeat the enemies laid before them? Let’s find out! Roll for initiative!

Get Your Game On! is back on Friday April 21st at 6:15pm to 8:15pm. Join us after hours for gaming of all kinds, pizza, and even some Twitch stream viewing! Children under 8 must be accompanied by a caregiver and you MUST be registered to participate. Please arrive on time as doors will close after start time!

Thursday April 27th at 4pm to 5pm Anime Club will be hosting Anime Club: Colorama! Join the club as we take various manga and scenes and color and decorate them to our heart’s content! Art supplies and pages will be provided but feel free to bring in your own!

And finally, Teen D&D Adventuring Club will return on April 28th at 4pm to 6pm where we’ll once again be continuing our campaign! Will levels rise and equipment improved? Who knows what escapades our adventurers will be getting into!


That’s all from me for this week! Later in the month we’ll learn what’s going on in May but until then, join us for all the fun!


Take care!