The Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library has multiple spaces available for public use. We can work with you to find the best space for your needs.

Click Here to Reserve one of the Meeting Rooms

  • Storytime Room (30 people)
  • Meeting Room 1 (60 people) 
  • Meeting Room 2 (30 people)

To reserve the Combined Meeting Room (115 people), please call us directly at 708-485-6917, extension 151. Each room is equipped with a white board, TV monitor or projector screen, and HDMI cables. Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 also include presentation laptops. Dry erase markers are available upon request.

Click Here to Reserve a Study Room

  • Study Room 1 (6 people) 
  • Study Room 2 (2 people) 
  • Study Room 3 (2 people)
  • Study Room 4 (2 people)
  • Study Room 5 (4 people) 

All study rooms are provided with an HDMI cable and a set of dry erase markers. Please show up on time for your reservation. If you are running late and are able to do so, please let us know! Reservations that are not claimed within 15 minutes of their start time may be released if another member is waiting for the room.