Board of Trustees

About the Board

The Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library is governed by a Board of Library Trustees. The Board gives the mission to the library, secures adequate funding to accomplish the library's mission, sets the policies for the operation of the library, hires the director of the library, and advocates for the library in the village and in the state. The Board consists of seven Trustees. A Library Trustee must be a resident of Brookfield and must run for public election to the Board. The term of office of a Trustee is four years.

Become a Library Trustee

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Members of the Board

The Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library Board of Trustees welcomes resident input and concerns.

Regular Meetings of the Board

The Board of Trustees regularly meets at the library on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Meetings are open, and the public is welcome to attend. The library requires at least one week's notice from anyone who may need special accommodations in order to attend a meeting.