How Do I Access New York Times Online?

If you are in the Library you can go directly to New York Times website to register and log in. All you need to do is go to the New York Times website and click on the Log In button in the top right corner.. No code is necessary when accessing inside the Library.

To access New York Times at home, use the access New York Times online link to get a redemption code. Click on Redeem to get started. If you have not already, please register with New York Times digital access or if you already have an account, you can sign in. Once you are logged in you will see a confirmation page that will provide an expiration date. Redemption codes last three days. There is no limit to the number of codes you use but you do need to wait for your current code to expire before you get another. Once registered you can download the New York Times mobile app and log in.

What Can I Access?

You can access all articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, multimedia features and more. You even have access to historical content dating back to 1851. Once you have created an account with New York Times, you can download and use the app. Unfortunately you do not have access to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle and NYT Cooking apps but you can access the past puzzle and cooking content via the subscription.