Written by: Grace W. 

Finals season is here! Take a look at these tips to help prepare yourself. 

1. Find a place to study. If you need a quiet space to study, stop by the library May 22-24 from 3-5 pm. We will have a quiet space, snacks, and stress relief crafts to help you prepare for finals. You can also book a study room or visit the Quiet Reading Room to enjoy a quiet space to study. 

2. Don't let devices distract you. Try putting your phone in another room, put it on do not disturb mode, or turn it off so you can focus on studying. 

3. Take breaks. Give your brain a chance to rest and refresh by taking a walk, doing some stretches, taking a power nap, meditating, or having a snack. 

4. Get your sleep. Getting quality sleep will help you perform your best on your exams. 

5. Try different study methods to find what works best for you. You can use flashcards, study with a group, write yourself practice questions, attend a review session, or use visual tools like diagrams, charts, and mind maps. 

6. Check your exam times. Make sure you know when all of your final exams are taking place and use that information to help you create a study schedule. 

7. Ask questions. Reach out to your teachers if you need help with the class material or information on the study guide. 

Good luck!